Happy Clients


“I met Collette at a very stressful time in my life, having just opened my second business. I was incredibly stressed and anxious 24/7. Meeting her was like a breath of fresh air. An awesomely direct and honest person, she’s also very positive and empathic. Every time I work with her, I walk away feeling empowered, both as woman and business owner. We still work together frequently, and I consider her a personal and professional confidant. She’s truly amazing.”

—Beth M.

“Collette has been a wonderful friend and mentor of mine for over seven years. She has always supported and encouraged me in all areas of my life. During my relationship hard times, she always reminds me that I am worthy of love and that I should trust my heart. In my career, she has always supported my wild ideas, helping me realize my dreams and listen to my intuition. She is an absolute gem of a human being, and I am so fortunate to have her in my life and always cheering for me in my corner.”

—Jessi S.

“Collette is brave, bold and full of love. I pray the world will come to know her and that they too, will become brave and full of love. Her raw honesty is beautiful and she inspires me to live my life more fully as I share in the energy of her amazing journey.”

— beth S.

“I qualified for medicinal cannabis use in 2017 and tried a variety of products to replace my daily pharmaceutical medications on and off for a few years. When using the cannabis, I experienced severe paranoia and emotional upheaval which made my symptoms worse. I wasn’t prepared for the emotional firestorm and gave up on cannabis, while remaining stuck in a cycle of severe pain and pharmaceutical numbing of said pain. I recently connected with Collette for cannabis coaching and she has educated me on the proper way to use cannabis as a tool (vs. a vice) in my journey toward emotional peacefulness and wellness in my body. She has extensive knowledge, reliable resources and a coaching style that is both engaging and inspiring. I already feel more confident in how cannabis can, and is supporting me to meet my goals.”

— Debbie P.