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Conscious Consumption: An 8-Week, Small-Group Coaching Experience for Women

I designed this small group coaching experience to educate, empower and inspire women in using CBD and cannabis for emotional and physical wellness. Over the 8-weeks, we will dive deep into cannabis education and knowledge, product selection and dosing, a dispensary field trip and social gathering, cannabis mediations and intentional, authentic conversations.

This group will be focused on building emotional robustness, finding connection to your internal self, utilizing cannabis for specific ailments, leveraging plant medicine to raise consciousness, and connecting to others on a similar journey.

Each participant will also have the option of adding one 30-minute call with me privately each week to connect, review and invest in each other. This is perfect for any who might be interested in exploring what one-on-one coaching might look like, or to get more clarity on personal or sensitive concerns.


Week 1: Cannabis Education. Focus on Endocannabinoid System, how cannabis works with the body, using cannabis for certain conditions, understanding and navigating the recreational landscape. Introducing the format of the program as a whole and the actions steps I will be asking of you. Q & A. (Non-consumption class.)

Week 2: Field Trip to local dispensary and social hour. We will spend time in a dispensary exploring products and methods of consumption. I will be answering all questions and making recommendations on product purchases. Followed by a social hour to connect on a personal level with the group. Locations: TBD. (Cost of products are not included in tuition, and participants should be prepared with cash if they wish to make a purchase at the dispensary.) (Consumption Class.)

Week 3: Deeper Cannabis Education. Emphasis on using cannabis as a tool within a practice of emotional wellness. Basic guided meditation, share circle, Q & A. (Non-consumption class.)

Week 4: Introduction to utilizing cannabis for spiritual practices and the implications it has on emotional wellness. Basic guided meditation, share circle, Q & A. (Non-consumption class.)

Week 5: Full Conscious Cannabis Meditation. My signature experience that allows you to use the power of the plant to connect with the subtle and deeper layers of your being. Share circle, Q & A. (Consumption Class.)

Week 6: Conscious Cannabis Meditation. Focus on our perception and relationship to energy within the body. Share circle, Q & A. (Consumption class.)

Week 7: Conscious Cannabis Meditation. Focus on surrender, release and letting go of things that don’t serve. Share circle, Q & A. (Consumption class.)

Week 8: Conscious Cannabis Meditation. Focus on Divine and Universal Love. Finding our connection to Source through the combination of the above practices. Share circle, Q & A, and what’s next. (Consumption class.)

*Subject to change based on the needs of the group.

Please note: All classes marked as a consumption class will include the consumption of cannabis. Please consider taking Uber or making arrangements for safe travel home after class. CBD tea and tinctures will be available to offset the psychoactive affects of THC, but responsible consumption is our top priority.

Investment: $300

Early Bird Promotion Price: $240 before 9/15

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