But Sometimes, I Just Want To Get High

I spend a lot of time banging on my drum about using cannabis for wellness and how important it is to have a mindful and conscious relationship to plant medicine.

I talk about the time I’ve spent over-consuming and consuming with the intent to numb out and disconnect. I discuss the challenges I faced when I had an unconscious habit of mindless cannabis consumption.

Nowadays, I definitely use cannabis for wellness, and I am definitely mindful of my desires to use cannabis. I spend time reflecting and observing on my inclination to smoke and monitor my mental and emotional state before introducing cannabis into my system. But sometimes, I just want to get high.

And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

Part of my personal agenda in breaking the stigma of cannabis use is also to help empower people to make informed decisions about their consumption when their intention is to get high. Just for fun. No disclaimer of the medicinal benefits necessary.

No one thinks twice when you say I want to have 3 glasses of wine and let my hair down a bit. I’m noticing that whenever cannabis comes up in mixed social settings, people lean into the cannabis as medicine conversation way before they say, “sometimes I like to hit the bong and dance in my room.”

Now, obviously the cannabis as medicine is a great conversation to have. One I have all the time, actually. And that conversation has pioneered the efforts in taking cannabis from an illegal, schedule I substance to something you can have delivered right to your front door.

But sometimes, I just want to get high.

Getting high is fun and fun is medicine. Getting high makes me laugh from my belly and laughing from my belly is medicine. Getting high lets me fall wildly in love with the moon, and the moon is medicine. Getting high increases my sense of awe and wonder, and living in awe and wonder is medicine.

There is no shame in wanting to get high for fun. In fact, I think people in general need to be having more fun. There is no shame in doing whatever you feel is necessary to create balance in your life.

We have forgotten how to play. And consuming cannabis for fun is a great way to remember how to do that.

Smoke a joint. Take your shoes off. Play in the grass. Look at the clouds and watch them dance. Fall in love with being alive.

The Universe always responds when you are having fun.

Cannabis Is Not A Cure All.