Welcome to Balancing Cannabis

Welcome to the first of my Balancing Cannabis Newsletters!

I am so EXCITED that you're here because I am a cannabis nerd and I have been for a long time.

I have hid the fact that I use cannabis in shame for years and years! Literally! (Sharing now feels a bit like my first time on topless beach in Europe... woot!)

But seriously, I really do believe in cannabis and what it can do to help people. I am very excited that we are living in a time where we get to witness social and political change around a historically controversial topic!

It's a hell of a time to be alive!

I have so much insight and wisdom to share with you through this channel and I hope you find it entertaining and educational. I would be so grateful if would invite other people to join the list. Just forward them this email and have them click here if they want in on the goodness.

I intend to share anything and everything cannabis from the products available in legal markets, strains and dosing, what to do when you've had too much, the science behind the plant and probably some HIGH-larious stories from my young, dumb stoner days.

Even if you don't consume cannabis now, or if it's not yet legal in your state, I hope these emails will empower you to make choices that will help you on your journey. And maybe one day, if you fancy a smoke or an edible, you will be educated on how much and what type to choose.

I know that cannabis can have profound emotional and spiritual affects, because I have experienced them.

I also know that cannabis is an incredibly powerful plant and many people have some less-than-desirable experiences with it, because I have experienced that, too.

My intention is to bring balance to consuming cannabis.

Let's learn about the plant and what its doing to our energetic, emotional and mental systems first, before we blast off into space.

Let's set an intention for consuming plant medicine. Let's be intelligent and conscious. Let's leverage its power for our growth.

And once we've done all that, we can smoke a little joint and laugh our butts off.

I am so happy you're here. Thank you for supporting me.

I am going to chat about the most common thing I hear in regards to cannabis in my next newsletter: "I stopped smoking weed because it makes me anxious."

It's gonna be good!

I would LOVE some feedback. What do you want to know about cannabis? Anything goes. No shame in our game!

More soon!

Cannabis Makes Me Anxious...