Too Much of A Good Thing Isn't Always A Good Thing.

Humans have been toying with intoxicants since the beginning of time.

Cultures from ancient times all the way into our current modern era, have always sought, found and experimented with ways to alter their consciousness. It's human nature.

About 2 weeks after launching this platform and going "public" with my own cannabis use, I am grateful and thrilled to announce that I accepted a job with one of the largest cannabis distribution companies on the west coast. (The Universe always responds in a big way when you jump off the cliff in blind faith!)

I get to create educational material for a portfolio of brands to help people understand how to use cannabis intelligently and consciously. (Insert weeping face and worship hands emoji here.)

I have a huge heart for skeptics or people new to cannabis. I know that cannabis is not for everyone, but I also know it can help so many people once they overcome their fears or preconceived notions of the plant.

I also know that unpleasant experiences with cannabis are not uncommon and they are not helpful.

I used cannabis unconsciously for many years and I have had every unpleasant experience possible. Overindulgence led to panic attacks, nausea, dizziness, and altered vision and other sensory perceptions just to name a few.

Although I stand by the medicinal properties of cannabis, it is important to know that too much of a good thing is not always a good thing.

Unconscious, overindulgence of cannabis over periods of time can swing your symptoms in the direction of getting worse, not better.

  • If you want to use cannabis to settle your anxiety, and you consume too much plant energy, it will absolutely make your anxiety worse.

  • If you want to use cannabis to lift your energy from a depressed stupor, and you consume too much over a long period of time, it will make you more depressed.

  • If you want to use cannabis to reduce your pain, too much can disconnect you from the source of that pain in a way that will manifest more pain.

In this culture of recreational cannabis use, there is a danger looming for people who are under- or uneducated about the plant. Give unlimited access to powerful plant medicine to humans who are suffering in one way or another, and they will overindulge. And repetitive overindulgence, over a period of time, will lead to other issues.

The point of this community is to build awareness around the importance of conscious use of cannabis.

(Fear not, the conscious choice to consume cannabis for fun is still conscious. So we cool.)

The best thing we can do is continue to educate each other about how the plant helps people. Share with friends and family members that may be skeptical of its benefits. Identify times in your life when you're more inclined to use cannabis unconsciously or to numb out.

We're not here to get high, we're here to get whole.

Thanks for being here!

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