Quiet the Mind, Feel the Body.

The cannabis industry is such an unusual space.

I lovingly refer to it as the land of the misfit toys. It seems like most of the people I have met in this space felt like they didn't belong in the life they had before they got into cannabis, myself included.

And now, people from so many different industries, walks of life, backgrounds and experiences are trying to get an entire industry off the ground while regulation, compliance and cultural conditioning continues to push back against its progress.

People certainly assume lots of things about me when I tell them I work in cannabis, and that I am a cannabis coach, and that I hold guided cannabis meditations.

But regardless of people's assumptions about me, my intentions behind putting myself into the cannabis space - particularly in the cannabis and wellness space - is that I truly believe that this plant can do so much for so many people, they just need someone to show them how to feel it.

That's my cue. Feelings.

I believe with all my heart that if I can help teach people how to connect with their nervous system, through that connection, they can find healing for themselves. It's challenging however, because I believe a lot of people can't actually feel the subtleties in their bodies.

I believe that the work we need to do as humans is to reject the overwhelming desire to distract ourselves 24/7, and bypass the analytical mind, so we can actually connect to and feel our nervous system.

You have TRILLIONS of nerve cells in your body. TRILL.I.ONS.

These nerve cells carry electric signals, also known as energy. When you get into a quiet mental space, you can literally feel that energy passing through those trillions of cells. It's incredibly subtle, even undetectable to most of us.

It feels like an overwhelming sense of pleasure and peace, a combination of light and glitter, a dance of sensation across an internal landscape that once felt cold and empty.

And cannabis can help you feel that.

You can use cannabis to increase your awareness of the energetic sensations inside your body, which allows you to connect to your nervous system. (Read that again.)

Connecting to your nervous system, as a practice of wellness, will provide clarity, insight, inspiration, healing, hope, and profound experiences.

Not only that, I believe that the human connection to the Divine is through these nerve cells. But more on that in another email.

Everything you need is already inside of you.

You just have to learn how to quiet the mind and feel the body.

I would be honored to hold space for you as you navigate your journey inward.


P.S. Write me back. Let me know if you read the whole thing and where it landed with you.

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