I'm Not A Stupid Stoner

I must say, my first Cannabis and Emotional Wellness Workshop was pretty awesome. 

Quick shout out and super loud THANK YOU to everyone who was able to come and give me an opportunity to share my heart in regards to two things that are super important to me! 

Emotional wellness and destigmatizing cannabis use. 

My intention behind the workshop was to invite people into a more conscious relationship to cannabis. To have respect for the power of the plant energy and to learn how you can build emotional robustness by leveraging that power. 

Being back in a regulated state and without access to the plant, I noticed how frustrating it was to think about all the people that don’t have access to cannabis. I was frustrated that this medicine isn't available to so many people who desperately need it. 

And from there, came an overwhelming sense of gratitude for those of us that do have access to it. To live in a recreationally legal state is a privilege and I intend to use that privilege for good; to continue to bang on my drum not only about the many benefits of cannabis, but the importance of evolving our consciousness as a species. 

That's another magical thing cannabis does, if you didn't know. 

It truly has the power to evolve our entire planet.

Regardless of what you believe, or know, or have experienced about the evolution of human consciousness, cannabis expands your awareness and thus your consciousness. 

It’s been used for millennia for this exact thing. And now we are on the cusp of a huge shift in consciousness on our planet and I believe cannabis is going to play a key role is this change. 

Even those who chose to use it strictly for recreational purposes will, overtime, experience greater levels of self-awareness, expanded views of humanity and more unity to everyone and everything around them. 

Imagine what it can do for those of us that set the intention to use it for wellness. And wholeness. 

I am deeply grateful for every person who gives me an opportunity to speak to them about cannabis. To challenge their conditioned beliefs about cannabis use and the people who use it. 

I am not a stupid stoner. 

I am Divine. 
And so are you. 

Cheering for you, my friend.

Thanks for reading,


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