Cannabis and Spirituality

The term spirituality has many definitions and has both positive and negative connotations as it is used today.

I could talk about spirituality for hours, but for the sake of this email, let's allow the term "spirituality" to reference an internal experience that is just as (if not more) real than the external experience.

So, at any given moment, if you have an experience inside your body, one that affects your spirit, that is so profoundly and obviously real, then you've had a spiritual experience.

Some people read spiritual and think "religion." Some people read cannabisand think "drugs." I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I hope to create more conversations around how cannabis can contribute to wellness.

Cannabis has been used for millennia by peoples of all different descent, to aid in spiritual practices. Once the plant became criminalized, many of those spiritual practices were forgotten, ignored or utilized only in remote places.

Now, on the cusp of a recreational revolution, where cannabis is anticipated to be federally decriminalized in the next five or so years, I find I am one of a small group of people that are quietly and gently reminding the world of the powerful ways cannabis can be incorporated into a spiritual practice.

I truly believe that spiritual experiences have the potential to rapidly transform and speed up a journey to wellness, and I know from experience that cannabis can be used as a tool in that process, as well.

This was the pinnacle in my journey that led me to create my cannabis meditations. After some accidental and intentional experimentations, I learned that if you have the mindfulness to control your analytical mind while you have cannabis in your system, you are priming yourself for a spiritual encounter and to release deep-seated emotions.

Cannabis can give you the courage to face something you have felt overwhelmed to face. It can reveal to you a subconscious belief that you didn't even know was there. It can guide you in another dimension of reality where incredible and profound things may occur.

You just have to feel it in your body. Focus all your attention on the sensations it creates. Surrender to whatever shows up and receive the unconditional love that exists within.

Thank you for being here.

Sending love,

My next Conscious Cannabis Meditations are scheduled for Sundays, August 11th and August 25th. Both are from 7-9pm and will be held at Connect Studio Space in Orange, CA. I would be honored to see you there. Email me for more information.
How to Facilitate a Cannabis Meditation for Yourself:

  1. Create an environment that feels safe, warm and somewhere you won't be disturbed.

  2. Consume cannabis in your preferred way. (I prefer smoking for these experiences, just because the onset is a little easier to time and control.)

  3. Put headphones in or play some music in your space that is relaxing. If you choose to use music with lyrics, find songs that you know touch your soul on a deep level. I switch between meditation music and anything by Lauren Daigle.

  4. Sit in a comfortable posture or lie down for a stronger affect.

  5. Focus on your breath and the sound of the music.

  6. Feel anything and everything that comes up. Witness the way the plant energy dances in your body. Observe your mind and continue to bring it back to the body if it wanders off from time to time. (Which it will. Cannabis, hello!)

  7. Surrender into the unknown, trust the experience.

  8. Everything that you feel is ok. You are safe and you are held by something so beautiful and pure.

Please let me know if you decide to give it a try. All feedback is graciously welcomed.

Quiet the Mind, Feel the Body.

All CBD Is Not Created Equal