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Leveraging the power of plant medicine to facilitate emotional wellness and spiritual growth.


What is Balancing Cannabis?

In this post-prohibition era of legal cannabis, I am committed to preserving the integrity of education surrounding the medicinal and spiritual uses of cannabis.

I have experienced the tremendous ways that cannabis can support a journey to wellness. I have extensive experience and knowledge about how cannabis benefits those suffering from depression, anxiety, emotionally-induced chronic pain and other ailments.

Conscious use of cannabis can lead to profound awareness and give clear insight into the subconscious limiting beliefs or emotional wounds that need our attention. Cannabis coaching is designed to support people while they courageously peer into the depths of their hearts to begin to heal from the inside out.

Balancing Cannabis offers education workshops and seminars, in addition to personal cannabis coaching.

Working with a cannabis coach delivers personalized advice on product and strain selection, dosing recommendations, as well as emotional encouragement and support as you navigate your journey inward.

Cannabis, paired with a mindfulness and meditation practice, can yield life-changing results.

Schedule a complimentary consultation and let’s chat about how cannabis can help you find freedom from whatever you may be suffering from.

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“I recently connected with Collette for cannabis coaching and she has educated me on the proper way to use cannabis as a tool (vs. a vice) in my journey toward emotional peacefulness and wellness in my body.” - Debbie P.